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Report: Google Working on Android-based HUD Glasses

Google's famous for its broad range of products. What started as a search company now includes email, a mobile OS, a laptop OS, a browser, a social network, and much, much more. Now, it seems Google is contemplating the addition of a pair of smart glasses to the list.

The New York Times kicked rumors off this week with a story that says both Apple and Google are working on wearable technology, with the ultimate goal being to shift more smartphones. NYT says that Google is working on its solution at its Google X Labs facility, while Apple is busying itself with an iPod Nano-like watch. Since then, 9to5Google has chimed in with its own two cents about what Google is planning.

According to the Google-centric site, Google is working on heads-up displays. The company points to the fact that "prominent wearables PhD Richard DuVaul"  moved from Apple to Google in June and that the good doctor's research is focused on wearable HUDs. 9to5's Seth Weintraub cites a source that says Mountain View is in the late prototype stages of a wearable glasses that look similar to 'thick-rimmed glasses "normal people" wear' but also incorporate a display with a heads up computer interface and a small number of buttons on the arms of the glasses.

According to Weintraub, these glasses are not an Android peripheral. Instead, it's likely they'll run a version of Android and feature transparent LCD or AMOLED in place of glass lenses. The glasses will directly communicate with the cloud via IP but could also make use of a phone's internet connection via WiFi or Bluetooth 4.0.

Google has not commented on the rumors, and there's no information regarding the release of such a device, but we'll keep you posted.

    It's all good and well with new tech. But where the hell is the proper cheap Chrome OS netbook, where is our Google TV integration with full browser.
    Is it only me or most Google products are Betas atm? Pricey too..
  • house70
    That would be the ultimate geek...
    Wake me up when they have that for contact lenses (or implantable lenses).
  • alyoshka
    Weren't there VR tech glasses for the same quite a few years ago? What's new?
  • teddymines
    Being distracted and derping into a fountain at a mall is funny for everyone, but there better be ways to prevent their use while driving.
  • classzero
    Used the phone to connect to the internet. I do not need another data hog application with today's data caps.
  • digitalzom-b
    In future news, brain cancer has spiked 50 percent!
  • in_the_loop
    Wow, this really opens up a lot of possibilities.
    Augmented Reality Aps like layar could be much more usable. Nowadays you look like a dork when pointing a mobile everywhere, somebody even got angre at me for taking pictures of him, when I actually was using layar.
    Also, it can be a hazzle with the floating icons bumping around unsteadily when using the phonew camera. It will feel much more natural with the glasses just turning around your head.

    A second big thing would be the possibility of using them for real 3D, since different images could be sent to the right and left eye, making it possible to cretate the depth for 3d.

  • del35
    Apple is busying itself with an iPod Nano-like watch

    Oh give me a break! Why can't iCrap do something original?! This stuff has been around for years. Next thing we will be reading is that iRobbedya is going to be patenting the bracelet concept.
  • zzz_b
    I wonder how many accidents will happen when wearing your monitor in front of your eyes!

    Probably even more lawsuits :-))
  • Anyone else think of those ridiculous redneck sunglasses/mp3 player "Dog" The Bounty Hunter always wears? lol, he could have a gps / tracking system with crosshairs for his industrial strength pepper ball shooter! :D