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Apple TV Plus Price and Release Date Just Leaked

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We already know a lot of the shows Apple plans to offer when it throws the switch on its Apple TV+ subscription service later this year. And thanks to a new report, we have a better sense of what it's going to cost to bring the likes of Jennifer Aniston, Jason Momoa, Snoopy and Steven Spielberg to our iPhones and Macs.

Bloomberg today (Aug. 19) reported that Apple is likely to charge $9.99 a month for Apple TV+ when it launches the service in November. Both that price and the November launch date come from sources familiar with Apple's plans, according to Bloomberg.

If that $9.99 price sounds familiar, it's what Apple already charges for a month of its streaming music service as well as for the premium news service it launched earlier this year. There's no word in Bloomberg's report as to whether Apple is planning to bundle those different subscription services into one package for a discounted price.

A $9.99 monthly subscription to Apple TV+ would put Apple in the middle of what competitors charge for their streaming video services. A standard Netflix subscription, for example, costs $12.99, but if you don't need HD streaming and only need to access programs on one screen at a time, you can opt for Netflix's $8.99 basic subscription. Hulu's streaming service costs $5.99 a month, but that prices increases to $11.99 if you want to stream without ads. As for the soon-to-launch Disney+ service, it's going to cost $6.99, though Disney is also talking about a $13 monthly bundle that includes Hulu and ESPN+ along with Disney's new streaming service.

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The Bloomberg report says that Apple TV+ will likely be available as a free trial at first, as Apple looks to build up interest in its new shows. Bloomberg's sources say that Apple will launch a few shows initially in November, while rolling out additional programs in subsequent months.

Apple first revealed its Apple TV+ plans at a March press event where it also launched Apple News+, previewed the Apple Arcade streaming service and debuted its credit card, which is now rolling out to users. It's all part of Apple's attempt to boost service revenue while iPhone sales have slowed down.

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