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How to use Google Maps Incognito mode on iOS

How to use Google Maps Incognito mode on iOS
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Google has rolled out Incognito Mode in Google Maps for iOS, expanding how much control iPhone users have over managing their search history settings while using the mobile-directions platform.

Incognito mode on iOS works the same way as it does on Android devices. If you're looking up places or commuting in Incognito Mode, any locations searched for or visited will not be saved to your Google account.

Though Incognito mode prevents Google from providing you a personalized experience, there are several reasons you might not want your Google Maps data stored. Here's how to use Google Maps Incognito mode on iOS.  

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How to turn on Google Maps Incognito mode 

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Step 1: Update your Google Maps app to the latest version. You'll need to run version 5.32 or newer to use Incognito mode.

Step 2: Open the Google Maps app and click on your avatar in the right side of the search bar.

Step 3: Select 'Turn on Incognito mode.' 

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Step 4: Click 'Close' on the pop-up prompt.

Step 5: Confirm that the top your map reads 'Incognito mode is on' and your avatar is replaced by the Incognito mode icon.

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How to turn off Google Maps Incognito mode

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Step 1: Click the Incognito mode icon in the right side of the search bar.

Step 2: Select 'Turn off Incognito mode.'

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