Don't sleep on this: up to 55% off during Emma's Black Friday mattress sale

Emma mattress with a best price flag overlaid
(Image credit: Emma)

Waking up tired every morning? Aches and pains bothering you? It might be time to change your mattress. And you don't have to pay full price to get one of the best mattresses either.

Emma is a big global name in the mattress business, having built its reputation on the Emma Original. While our UK colleagues have reviewed the model of this bestseller and liked it, the Australian version of the Emma Original was slightly different and our friends over at sister site T3 gave it a glowing 5-star review.

Although the Emma Original is no longer available locally, you can get the Emma Comfort (which also has a premium version) and the Emma Diamond Hybrid—and the good news is that the former is now half price while the latter gets an even better discount of a whopping 55% off during Emma Sleep's Black Friday sale.

The brand offers a risk-free trial of 100 nights in the comfort of your own home. If you're not happy with the mattress, you can arrange for it to be sent back for free within that time period. The mattresses also come with a 10-year warranty, so you can sleep easy knowing it will go the distance.

These offers are available now and end on December 5, so don't sleep on this one for too long.

Emma Comfort Mattress |from AU$1,149 from AU$574.50

Emma Comfort Mattress | from AU$1,149 from AU$574.50 (save up to AU$772)

This all-foam mattress promises to support your weight evenly so your posture is maintained through the night, reducing aches and pains. And it will do its utmost to keep you cool through the Aussie summer. No matter how restless your partner is, you can sleep without any disturbance too. All this comfort for just half price for all five sizes! 

If you'd like springs with the foam, then the Emma Comfort Premium Mattress is also 50% off, with prices starting at AU$754.50.

Emma Diamond Hybrid Mattress |from AU$2,499from AU$1,124.55

Emma Diamond Hybrid Mattress | from AU$2,499 from AU$1,124.55 (save up to 2,061.95)

A flat 55% off all sizes of the Diamond Hybrid means you could be looking at years of great sleep each night. This mattress uses a mix of foam and springs to support your body while you sleep, while diamond and graphite particles infused into the materials help dissipate heat to keep you cool. And it's an absolute bargain right now.

Sleep well with more Emma Black Friday discounts

Emma Sleep's Black Friday sale doesn't stop with the mattresses. You can upgrade your entire bed if you choose. Emma has two bed frames and they're both half price right now! 

While the Emma Wooden Bed is a sustainable and functional frame, the Emma Signature Bed adds a touch of class and style that's designed to fit in with any kind of decor. The Wooden Bed now has a starting price of AU$1,099 (down from AU$2,199) and the Signature Bed can be yours from as low as AU$549.50—depending on the size of the bed frame you need.

Of course, a new bed wouldn't be complete without new pillows too, and Emma's offering 25% off both the Emma Foam Pillow (now from just AU$100 each) and the Emma Cloud Hybrid Pillow (available from AU$210 each).

Emma also makes a mattress topper and an all-season duvet—both discounted by 25% as well. 

One interesting piece of bedding that you won't get at a lot of other brands is a flip topper. This is basically a foam layer that lets you customise your mattress—one side offers a slightly firmer surface, the other a softer one. And Emma's Flip Topper is also 25% off, with prices starting from AU$201.75.