Xbox 360 Slim Shots Fake, Just HD DVD Drive

Earlier in March we reported on leaked images showing what appeared to be a greatly redesigned Xbox 360 motherboard – rumored to be the "Valhalla" revision – that integrated the CPU and GPU into a single package. Such a redesign would presumably be able to allow Microsoft to shrink the Xbox 360 into a smaller, slimmer form factor.

We hadn't heard much about an Xbox 360 slim since until these pictures hit the 'net from (translated).

While from first impressions, it does seem believable with its curvature, matching color and Xbox 360 typeface on the side. But those who have spent any amount of time with the Xbox 360's now-out-of-production HD DVD player will know better.

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  • thrust2night
    I don't get why someone who went to all the trouble to make the images would put "HD DVD" on the drive? Seems stupid. Might as well have made a picture of Einstein playing Gears of War on one of these "XBox 360 Slims".
  • datmantran
    Uhm... they didn't... the TOP picture is the fake slim... the LOWER picture is the picture TOM's used to figure out that it's a FAKE...
  • shovenose