Use Street View to Go Inside Thomas Jefferson's House

Google Street View has made armchair tourists out of us all, allowing us to see everything from penguins in Antarctica to the Eiffel Tower in Paris. Now, Google is taking things to the next level. More specifically, Street View is going indoors.


The search giant on Wednesday announced that Google Maps now features the home of Thomas Jefferson, in Charlottesville, Virginia. This includes images of Monticello’s grounds as well as some building interiors. Highlights include Jefferson’s study (the Cabinet), the dining room, and Monticello's Hall.

"Thomas Jefferson would have loved knowing that in 200 years, his architectural masterpiece would be explored by a cutting-edge technology and seen by people all over the world on Google Maps," said  Leslie Greene Bowman, President & CEO of the Thomas Jefferson Foundation, later adding, "Jefferson would have loved to see how his innovative spirit is being showcased to viewers around the world – in places he didn’t even know existed – today."

Click through to explore Monticello for yourself!

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  • fimbulvinter
    Can't wait to peep those slave rape chambers.
  • aoneone
    This + Oculus Rift please! ^_^
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