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Vuvuzela Hero Should Never Be a Reality

The instrument made famous by the 2010 World Cup will become star "attraction" of its own Guitar-Hero-style game. Vuvuzela Hero works pretty much like its more famous couneterpart: press the buttons at the right time to create some "sweet music".

Just kidding. The prospect of clueless users buzzing reality out on gaming consoles and smartphones is scary enough, but InserteNombreRandom decided to give the world a taste of hell. Check out the fake gameplay video below, and pray that no developer or publisher decides it's a potential money-maker.

  • idiom

    Woah, watch it with the racism Tom's Hardware!
  • Gigahertz20
    Just think if Vuvuzelas actually made the sound of "NNNNgggeeerr" I bet all those blacks wouldn't be blowing them then.
  • manitoublack
    don't you hate it when you go to a Vuvuzela concert and a game of football breaks out :(
    Nothing in the world makes me want to phyically harm someone more than a Vuvuzela.
  • Pyroflea
    Vuvuzela playing allows you to understand Justifiable Homicide.
  • sandmanwn
    No matter how hard I try to pronounce it, all I can come up with is laaaaaawwwwwwssssssuuuuuuuuiiiiiittt.
  • yannifb
    lol wtf!?? hahahaahaha:
    Ngggeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeerrrrrrr? Really toms? First was that picture in the cell phone tracking article then this. Im beginning to think these are more than 'accidents'
  • eddieroolz
    I love vuvuzela!
  • AMW1011
    Wow, I'm taking a screen-shot of this before its taken down!


    Wow, classic.

    Rico better start filling out some applications and organizing his resume...
  • Assmar
    Gigahertz20Just think if Vuvuzelas actually made the sound of "NNNNgggeeerr" I bet all those blacks wouldn't be blowing them then.No, for some reason whites are the only thing that makes that sound, and I'm pretty sure blacks aren't blowing them either. Pretty blond white girls sure don't have a problem blowing them though.