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Doctors Use DJ Turntables for X-Ray Vids

Professional video editors have this thing called a jog dial. To put it simply, it's a little wheel that they can turn either way to quickly scan through footage and find the bit they're looking for. Apparently, doctors hadn't heard of this until recently; they'd been so used to slogging through video just to look for a particular cancer or whatnot.

Vancouver General can thank their resident enginer, John Markez, for coming up with a solution: it's called the Medical Turntable. He got a Pioneer DVJ from a local electronics store, and wired it up to an LCD monitor. Since the turntable can accept DVD's, all they have to do is store their videos, like barium swallows or endoscopies, onto DVD, then pop in the appropriate disk for review.

This turntable-cum-jog-wheel allows doctors to skim through uninteresting parts and slow down to frame-by-frame for in-depth analysis. It's mobile too, so they can just drag it out whenever it's needed, as opposed to taking a cab to the nearest professional studio.

[source: The Medical Turntable via Medgadget]