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Tom's Guide to Time Tracking Tools

AllNetic Working Time Tracker

It starts with a wizard tool that sets up a project name and adds tasks. The task timer itself needs to be manually started for each task that you want to track. You don’t have to manually click stop when you’re idle. AllNetic Working Time Tracker includes a feature that detects when your keyboard is idle for a period of time. You then get prompted by a dialogue box whether you want to stop the count, continue or add the time to a new task.

time tracking tools

In addition to an application window, AllNetic is also available in the system tray for starting and stopping task timing as well as adding new tasks.

time tracking tools

There is also a reporting feature that allows users to export to any number of different formats including XML, TXT, CSV and HTML for a given set of parameters

time tracking tools

Again, a potential drawback with this application is its reliance on the user to actually start the task, though the ability to detect idle states is useful. AllNetic is available for a 30-day trial and retails for $29.95