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Time Machine: The Clock With Balls

KlearGear may want to rethink the name of Time Machine, but the unconventional time-keeping piece will surely elicit attention from first-time viewers. Instead of using hands to keep track of seconds, minutes, and hours, Time Machine uses balls.

Chrome-plated balls, that is. As the mechanism counts down the seconds, the balls are pulled up from a repository, and directed towards a stacked series of chutes. The first two represent the two digits of the current minute, while the lowest chute reflects the hour.

On the side of all chutes are numbers, with the balls stacking up to point to the correct values. The balls make their way from the top to the bottom, eventually reaching the repository at the clock's base to get pulled back up again.

No info on how well this clock contends with chaos. Namely, what will happen if curious observers start taking away balls to mess up the Time Machine's synchronized operation? Time Machine is available from for around $29.50.

  • dokiardo
    Looks pretty cool actually. More of an office type clock, not really one obviously to have in one's home with kids ;p

  • henryvalz
    Guys, this thing has been around since the `80s.
  • DjEaZy
    ... balls of seal!!!
  • hardcore_gamer
    I hate all technologies that doesn't have a chip which contains several billion transistors :D
  • Umm I have had this sitting in my bonus room for about 10 years now. Seems a little old to be written up on here.
  • tbq
    My cousin has had one of these for years. Very fun to watch, but the sound of all the balls dropping on the hour is very annoying when you're trying to sleep.
  • rohitbaran
    Cool but cumbersome to look the time, since one has to go and peep into the chutes. Price is reasonable though.
  • zinabas
    FYI: I believe it would reset it self after 12 hours if you messed the balls in it.
  • tranzz
    I had one as a child (20 years ago)
  • knightofdames
    can the prince of persia stop the balls of time??? Sure can..
    He can steel em..