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The Stress Toy for Frustrated PC Users

Even having a bad day is enough to make us want to throw the computer out the window. But instead of taking your frustration out on your $1000+ machine, you can just squeeze the living daylights out of a $7 foam desktop.

The Beat it Up! Computer Stress Toy is a 6" foam cube shaped like an old-school all-in-one. It comes complete with its own fake mouse and keyboard. It even features the (in)famous blue screen of death, displayed proudly on the faux monitor.

Computer users who've just lost hours of work or suffering from slow connectivity can simply grab the toy and squeeze. It's definitely a great way to protect the real PC—and the resident IT dude—from harm.

Beat It Up! Computer Stress Toy ($7)

  • Pyroflea
    Make one of Steve Jobs' head :D
  • _Cubase_
    When are they going to make one shaped like the iPhone 4?
  • nforce4max
    Now I NEED one of these when I get a DC from when my crappy cable modem fails while playing wow or firefox acts up when Google is throwing 502 errors.
    We need one with Windows Vista on it.
  • Parsian
    i think that adds more to my stress because the computer shape is way way way too outdated...
  • silver565
    If you shape one like an Iphone4 you will get taken to court or perhaps... you will simply disappear?
  • emlee0203
    hmm...i use a bb rifle and a target with steve job's face on it
  • dogofwars
    Yes I need one with a face so when I do support I can really enjoy "my anger".
  • wotan31
    Should include one of these in the box with every copy of Windows.
  • jecastej
    Funny, squeeze a foam computer is fine. I know there has been hard working hours... when I would use it.

    Your Apple obsession gets very repetitive. You need to start working on it or it may kill you one day. I hope you are really just having fun with that. :) lol