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Smartphone Madness 2016: LG G5 vs. Alcatel Idol 4 & 4S

Editor's Note: Voting has ended in this round, and we have an overwhelming winner. The Alcatel Idol 4 raced to victory with 73 percent of the vote, besting the 27 percent captured by LG's G5. The Idol 4 moves on to the quarterfinals later this month, while first round voting continues.

There's more than meets the eye with the phones squaring off in this mid-point match-up of our Smartphone Madness tournament. Both the LG G5 and Alcatel Idol 4 boast marquee features that center around getting more out of your mobile device.

Credit: Nick Bush / Tom's Guide

(Image credit: Nick Bush / Tom's Guide)

For the LG G5, that feature is the phone's modular design. Press a button on the phone's side, and its bottom pops off. That allows you to swap in a fully charged battery. More importantly, LG is offering modules you can snap onto the bottom of your phone, like one that provides dedicated camera controls and another aimed at improving the audio processing on the phone to 24-bit quality. We're excited to see just how we can extend the G5's capabilities with these modular add-ons when the phone arrives in the U.S. later this year.

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But both Alcatel's Idol 4 and the more premium 4S boast a neat trick as well — a Boom button on the side of the phone that gives quick access to some of the Idol 4's features. You use the Boom key for everything from taking photos without having to first unlock the phone to pumping up the bass on whatever song you're playing. Throw in a budget price tag — €259 for the Idol 4 — and it's a compelling rival to the modular G5... once Alcatel brings the phone to the U.S., of course.

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Which of these phones has the more impressive bag of tricks? That's for you to decide. The polls remain open until 9 a.m. ET tomorrow (March 17), giving you plenty of opportunity to transform either the G5 or the Idol 4 into a first-round winner. The winning phone joins Google's Nexus phones in the quarterfinals, after the Nexus 6P and 5X squeaked out a win in yesterday's match-up over the Asus ZenFone 2. Google's phones won with a narrow 52 percent of the vote.

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