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Sharing your Digital Audio Files With Terratec Noxon


Small and enclosed in a metallic case with a sleek plastic finish- the Noxon is intended to be discrete and hidden away as it streams audio around your house or office over a Wi-Fi network. You pilot the system with a small bluish display and a remote control.

You can also control the system's settings from your PC with Terratec's proprietary Noxon Manager software. The only two physical connections the device has comprise its power supply (external) and the audio output (a 3.5 mm jack). The network connection uses the Wi-Fi 802.11b standard - not extremely fast, but the bandwidth is obviously amply sufficient for an audio link.

Noxon's primary purpose is to wirelessly share audio files from a PC or Internet radio stations with stereos or other PCs in different rooms or offices.

Technical characteristics :

Audio file formats :

Minimum system requirements: