Pokémon Go Guide: 18 Tips to Be the Very Best

Pokémon Go Glossary: Know These Terms

Everyone is talking about Pokemon Go, but the game has a lot of specific lingo that might make it sound like a second language to the uninformed. Here's a cheat sheet of common game terms.

Candy: Pokemon-specific items necessary to evolve your monster. For example, Charmander candy is necessary to evolve Charmander and any of his evolved forms.

CP: CP stands for combat points, which determine the strength of your Pokémon. You can raise your character's CP using Candy and Stardust.

Gyms: Where Pokémon battles take place. Signified on the in-game map via large towers with Pokémon atop of them.

Incense: Special item that attracks Pokémon to your location for a limited time.

Incubator: Item that allows you to incubate Eggs. You can hatch an incubating Egg after walking a set distance.

Lures: Lures are special Pokéstops that lots of Pokémon flock to for a limited time. You can create a Lure by dropping a Lure Module, which can be purchased in the in-game store.

Pokéstop: Special landmarks that yield rewards, including XP, Pokéballs and potions.

Pokécoins: In-game currency that can be bought or earned through battles.

Stardust: Special item needed for powering up Pokémon. Can be earned via catching Pokémon and by having Pokémon stored in gyms.

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