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Solar Lamps to Replace Kerosene Counterparts

Denver-based startup Nokero recently debuted a solar-powered lightbulb. Each five-inch solar lightbulb contains five LEDs, and four small solar panels made of single crystalline cells embedded in the plastic casing.

With a claimed lifespan of 50,000 to 100,000 hours, the lightbulb itself is weather-proof and designed for outdoor use. It also has a mechanism that switches on the lamp whenever it is placed in a dark area. Power is stored in replaceable nickel metal hydride batteries produced by the company. These recyclable components are rated to last for two to three years.

The market: disadvantaged people who currently rely on kerosene lamps. Nokero says that kerosene lamps are an inefficient and potentially dangerous source of lighting, not to mention a potential health hazard as well. The company will sell its product as an alternative for communities of 1.6 billion people with no access to electricity.