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Microsoft Makes Zune HD Official, Packs IE Browser

The Redmond company yesterday announced that it would launch the Zune HD this fall. First off, what kind of device are we looking at here? Previous rumors gave the Zune HD some pretty serious specs.

Our favorite list was something along the lines of a multi-touch OLED screen with a 16:9 aspect ratio and HDTV out, from an HDMI port on the side. That aside you’d aslo get HD radio and the device would offer support for HD media playback, available from the updated Zune Marketplace as well as support 3D Xbox games.

It will also have a web browser based off Internet Explorer, which I'm sure we can't wait to see how it measures up against the webkit-based browsers on the iPhone and Palm Pre.

Alright so we’re not quite getting the dream machine we hoped. The Zune HD will have a built in HD radio receiver as well as high-def video output and an OLED display and WiFi enabling users to surf the web and connect to the Zune Marketplace. This is basically Microsoft’s answer to the iTouch. Any iTouch owners regretting their purchase at the moment? I stand by my original statement that if this were also a phone, I’d be all over it.

Check out the Zune HD official website here.