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It's a Bike... It's a Box, It's Boxycle?

Designed by Bismo Joyodiharjo from Indonesia, the Boxycleis an innovative bicycle that solves the problem of a regular bicycle's portability. In addition to collapsing into a smaller more portable version of itself, the Boxycle features plenty of space for carrying laptop equipment, clothing or any other necessities.

Efficiently designed to combine the worlds of storage and transportation, the Boxycle is perfect for the fast paced modern world. While on the move, Boxycle owners will be able to charge their gadgets via generator hubs that come with the bike. The Boxycle also carries and separates your dirty clothing from your clean clothing.

The Boxycle functions just like a regular bike and comes with sufficient customization for comfort and performance. Aside from its potentially goofy look, the Boxycle is a perfect toy for those who are frequently on the move.