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Verizon Eats Into AT&T iPhone 4 Market Share

However, there is a new survey that indicates that Verizon has now about a third of iPhone 4 market share.

Localytics recently published a few charts showing the decline of AT&T iPhone 4 market share, which isn't surprising as Verizon would have to capture some of AT&T's share simply by offering the iPhone 4. However, the pace of Verizon is fast enough to get some attention and most likely a concern to some people at AT&T. Verizon now has more than 32% of the market, while AT&T is just under 68%. In February of this year, Verizon had just 20%. Verizon claimed 7% of the U.S. iPhone 4 market in May and June alone.

Localytics noted that the decline in AT&T share may be due to users dropping off the end of AT&T's unlimited data plan. However, Verizon has also canceled its unlimited plan and there could be an effect on its growth rate. Like AT&T, the prices for Verizon's data plans are high, but there may be a solution in sight as we hear that a rumored iPhone 5 could become available for Sprint and/or T-Mobile as well.