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Is Sony Making a $249 Gold PS4? (Update)

Sony's PlayStation 4 could soon get cheaper -- and a whole lot shinier. According to various photos and Reddit threads, a 1TB, gold-colored PS4 is on its way to stores.

Image Credit: Imgur / MeinFewer

(Image credit: Image Credit: Imgur / MeinFewer )

Reddit user Christopher Maxim, who posted photos of the console, reportedly tried to purchase the new PlayStation at a Walmart before causing the store's registers to lock up. Days later, a leaked Target ad surfaced that seemingly confirms the console's existence. According to the ad, the gold PS4 is a "limited edition" model that will sell for a discounted $249 and launch the week of June 11.

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(Image credit: Image Credit: )

Interestingly, that's the same week that E3 2017 kicks off, with Sony's big showcase slated for June 12. Will the company officially announce the new PS4 at its E3 press conference? Or is Sony clearing stock of entry level PS4s to make way for something new? We'll have to wait and see.

Based on the pictures, this new PS4 looks identical to the slimmed-down model that was introduced last September, just with a glossy gold coat of paint. You can already buy its corresponding gold controller on Best Buy, which leads us to believe that this new refresh is legitimate.

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On top of looking nice, this 1TB gold PS4 is $50 cheaper than what Sony's standard 1TB model retails for. If you haven't picked up a PS4 yet, you might want to wait a week. Of course, if you want to enjoy 4K gaming, you'll have to spring for the $399 PS4 Pro.

Sony's E3 2017 showcase kicks off on June 12 at 6pm PT in Los Angeles, where we expect to hear about a slew of new games as well as some potential hardware news. We'll be on the ground at gaming's biggest show, so stay tuned for all the big announcements and tons of hands-on impressions.

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