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Motorola DROID Mini, DROID 2 Spotted

Several blurry images and a video of a Palm Pre-type Motorola DROID have surfaced in China. The unconfirmed device sports a slide-out, portrait QWERTY keyboard and the notorious mechanical red eye on the screen--the boot screen even sports the infamous Motorola logo.

But outside those few factors, it's hard to tell if this is really a "DROID Mini," or some other non-Motorola device. Since Verizon claims the DROID branding, we're hoping that this is an official device heading our way in Q4 2010--could this be one of the 2 GHz devices?

Also hitting the Internet Tuesday are two groups of DROID 2 images. The first is a set of multi-angle pictures showing the front, back, and sides of the device. The images were supposedly located within a Droid 2 spread tucked away in a Shockwave Flash file on the Droid Does website.

As we've seen in prior images, the device doesn't really look all that different than the original DROID save for the extended front bevel, the silver speaker plating, and the QWERTY keyboard revision. This version--the Motorola A955--is expected to hit Verizon stores august 23rd.

The second set of Motorola DROID 2 shots can be found here. These were apparently taken from a production facility, indicating that the August release could very well be a possibility. The images arrive with a confirmation that DROID 2 will come packed with an 8GB microSD card, and will cost a whopping $599 without a Verizon contract ($199 with contract).