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Creative I-Trigue 3600: Big Ambitions, Small Design

A First Look

First and foremost, Creative Trigue 3600's satellites represent the most distinguishing feature about the kit. The speakers are small columns with a careful, modern design, housing three micro drivers each. At the very least, they look good next to a flat-panel display or notebook for those taking a minimalist approach for their PC setup.

The finish is luxurious-looking, though it can be misleading - the columns have what looks like an adjustment knuckle above the base, which in fact is intended to serve as a decorative element. It would have been nice to be able to orient the units better.

Creative has stuck with its usual design choices elsewhere - the subwoofer is familiar looking, though there's a decorative faceplate that mimics the shape of the satellites. There's also the usual external transformer, which is a good solution technically but adds to the tangle of cables you have to drag around with your box.

Technical characteristics: