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Centralite Wants to Make Home Necessities Smarter

LAS VEGAS — All eyes are on your house at CES 2015 as companies give nearly every object you could have inside your home the Wi-Fi treatment. Centralite is showing off a number of its existing smart home products, revealing its new garage-door system and a "smart switch" that turns any regular light switch into a smart LED controller.

The company's upcoming 3-Series Smart Garage System makes the garage a little smarter by letting you control its door from your smartphone. You can raise and lower the door remotely, and because the system is ZigBee compatible, you can turn the garage lights on or off if you have smart bulbs installed.

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Since a garage door is a huge portal to your home, Centralite added a few security features. The system’s smart garage sensor can report if the door has been opened or closed by an unknown source, and even the level the door has risen to. You can choose to receive text notifications if something like this occurs, so you’re always kept informed of what’s happening at your home even when you’re not there.

Centralite also released the 3-Series Smart Switch, which, while small in size, could make it easier for you to control your smart home. Staying true to its name, it’s a rectangular push switch that attaches to wall light switch to turn it into wireless controller for the ZigBee-compatible smart bulbs you have around your home.

Running on a coin cell battery, the smart switch lets you dim lights and turn them on and off, and doesn’t require any extra, messy wiring to install. It’s also not limited to lights — Centralite explains you can use the smart switch to control other smart objects like thermostats, locks and even the company’s own garage door opener.

Centralite’s 3-Series Garage System will be available early this year for $129. The 3-Series Smart Switch will be available around the same time, and the company says it will cost less than $40.

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