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How to Watch the New Captain Marvel Trailer Now

Here's the latest taste of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, the second Captain Marvel trailer, with debuted last night during Monday Night Football.

Credit: @MarvelStudios on Twitter

(Image credit: @MarvelStudios on Twitter)

Yes, my fellow geeks, in order to be the first to see more of Captain Marvel, the throwback to the 80's that stars Brie Larson as the titular hero and Samuel L. Jackson as a young Nick Fury, you had to turn on ESPN halftime of the game between the Washington Redskins and the Philadelphia Eagles. You can find ESPN on most major streaming services including Sling TV, YouTube TV and PlayStation Vue.

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In other Marvel movie news, more smoke is billowing from the Avengers 4 rumor mill, suggesting that a teaser could drop as early as this Wednesday, during Good Morning America, which runs from 7am to 9am, Eastern. The most we anticipate from this trailer is a reveal of the movie's full title, so don't expect any news about the aftermath of Thanos' snap heard 'round the world, and see the world that Captain Marvel herself is expected to help save.