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Cadillac CT6 Sports 360-Degree Camera, Night Vision

Cadillac's latest Luxury sedan, the CT6, features an aggressive look and an new 400 horsepower drive train, but beneath its skin lurks some impressive connected tech.

The star of the CT6's package is a true 360-degree camera view that combines the feeds from the multiple cameras fitted across its body. The image from the cameras is piped to the 10.2-inch touchscreen in the console, giving the driver a complete view of the surrounding environment. 

When night falls, the cameras switch to an Enhanced Night Vision mode, which helps identify people and animals by projecting heat signatures onto the information center's display. Even the rear view mirror features a built-in display, enhancing driver vision by eliminating sight obstructions, such as rear seat headrests or passengers. Unfortunately, due to the bright lights inside the Javits Center, the night vision wasn't available for demo.

When you need to stop, the CT6 also features multipurpose radar for advanced park assist, which works in tandem with the new pedestrian collision system to make sure you don't back into someone walking by. The car also uses radar to automatically adjust your speed on the highway, so you can maintain a safe driving distance from vehicles in front.

On the center console behind the laptop-like touchpad, there's a wireless charging pad that supports both QI and PMA standards. That means you can charge your new Galaxy S6 without any wires. Like previous Cadillac', the CT6 comes with On-Star 4G LTE and a Wi-Fi hotpsot.

With the CT6 looking to go toe-to-toe against the big name German manufacturers, Cadillac is hoping its combination of tech, styling, and efficiency will appeal to luxury car buyers worldwide. Cadillac even claims a weight of 3,700 pounds, less than any BMW 5 or 6 Series or Mercedes E-Class, but with interior space similar to a larger BMW 7 Series.

The CT6 will be available later this year for around $65,000, about the same as a BMW 5-Series but around $15,000 more than a base Mercedes E-Class. More pictures after the break.

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