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380,000 British Airways Customers Hacked: What to Do Now

Personal details and credit-card numbers of up to 380,000 British Airways customers were stolen from the airline's website and mobile app, the company announced today (Sept. 6).

British Airways 747s parked at Heathrow Airport. Credit: Ondrej Zabransky/Shutterstock

(Image credit: British Airways 747s parked at Heathrow Airport. Credit: Ondrej Zabransky/Shutterstock)

"The personal and financial details of customers making bookings on and the airline’s mobile app were compromised. No passport or travel details were stolen," British Airways said in a statement posted on its website. ( resolves to the same web server as

The theft affects reservations, ticket purchases and other bookings made between Aug. 21 and Sept. 5. The official posted statement did not mention any number of affected customers, but company statements made to news outlets including CNBC and Sky News said the number was 380,000.

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"If you believe you have been affected by this incident, then please contact your bank or credit-card provider and follow their recommended advice," the official posted statement said. "Please check back here for further updates, we will be updating this page."

It was not clear exactly what kind of personal information was compromised in the theft, but you can assume full names and email addresses were included, and perhaps telephone numbers and home addresses as well.

British Airways said it would be contacting affected customers directly, and that those customers would be able to travel as planned.

The airline said the data breach had been "resolved" and that all systems were working normally as of today.