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Black Friday Brawls: Plenty Fought, No One Died

Black Friday is traditionally pretty crazy. Last year a Walmart employee was killed by a stampede of shoppers and while there were no major casualties this year, there were plenty of classy confrontations including women having spitting contests and brawls at Walmart.

Brawls broke out at two separate Walmart locations in California. The LA Times reports that police were called to the Upland branch because customers were "fighting inside." Shoppers were tearing into shrink-wrapped merchandise and refusing to form lines. Eventually police threw the 300 customers out into the parking lot and told them to get in line while Walmart employees emptied everyone's carts and put all merchandise back on shelves. Naturally, not everyone was pleased about this. Shoppers were reportedly yelling, banging on windows and trying to sneak into the store through the lawn and garden section. Things eventually calmed down and the police left once everyone was behaving like civilized human beings.

A little later on, a fight broke out at the Rancho Cucamonga Walmart. A spokesperson for the San Bernardino County sheriff’s department said deputies were called with Walmart employees claiming, “subjects near the electronics area were fighting." Fortunately, the drama had played out by the time the deputies arrived.

The reports that 14 police units were dispatched when a fight broke outside the Jantzen Beach Toys R Us, near Portland, Oregon. Two women began swearing and spitting at each other; and about 100 people who were lined up in the dark started plowing into each other in an effort to get ahead. The ruckus was soon brought under control.

Did you see any notable bad behavior while out shopping this year? Let us know in the comments below!

  • Self-control is what separates those who will bring about great change in the world from those who will complain about the way things are.
  • ssalim
    It's so mind blowing not to get what you want for half the price, though. It boils the blood. AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!
  • This is why I choose to shop online...
  • abhik
    i think Americans have just lost the right to criticize other countries...
  • audioee
    This is what happens when retailers try to make up their entire annual sales in one day.
  • AtuBrian
    lol thats pathetic
  • frozenlead
    abhiki think Americans have just lost the right to criticize other countries...
    I'm pretty sure this would happen in every country, given the opportunity.
  • thejerk
    i like this type of disorder. remember, kids... the herd thins itself.
  • I doubt it would. Never seen that in New Zealand

    America needs to calm down
  • illegalmonkey
    Man people go NUTS just to save a few effin dollars!!! Makes me wanna just pray for the planet to be asteroid bombed. I waited at Toys R Us one year, stood in line for 6 hours w/ other people but as soon as they're about to open the doors peple start pulling up in the parking lot trying to budge in line and then all hell broke lose once the doors opened up. People started talking about "cuttin' bitches" and everything. Friggin insanity!!