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Tank Goes Solid Snake with E-Ink Stealth Armor

When you've got an unstoppable machine in the battlefield, giving it invisibility almost seems like cheating. BAE Systems doesn't care; as part of their Future Protected Vehicle program, the weapons manufacturer is developing a camouflage system that will make tanks almost invisible.

The secret to BAE's stealth tank project is a piece of technology that's more at home on a handheld gadget than on heavy armor: e-Ink. Just like that old Japanese tech demo, the virtual invisibility is achieved by taking footage behind the tank. The difference is, BAE's chameleon armor will display the video feed directly onto the e-Ink stealth armor; no need to have a guy running a few yards ahead to project the image.

BAE hopes to have the technology perfected within four years, just in time for the British army's planned tank deployment to Afghanistan. We're assuming this is also the point when the United Kingdom renames itself the Brotherhood of Nod.

[source: The Telegraph(UK) via Engadget and Coolest Gadgets]