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Microsoft: Hardcore Gamers Will Buy Kinect First

Let's see a show of hands from anyone who thought Microsoft showcased Kinect-based Xbox 360 titles for hardcore gamers at E3. Anyone? No?

Most of what we saw during the press conference was slated for the casual gamer: a virtual pet; a six-pack of sports games reminiscent of Wii Sports; another game pack that included white water rafting and an obstacle course; a dancing game and a few more. Although the brief glimpse at the unnamed Star Wars game looked serious enough, Kinect on a whole just didn't seem all that serious.

Yet Microsoft has this funny idea that hardcore gamers will be the first ones who lap up the Kinect device when it hits store shelves this holiday season. More specifically, that's what Microsoft's worldwide product marketing manager for Xbox Ryan Moore seems to think.

His theory? It may be based on gamers who will go out and buy the latest gaming product no matter what titles it will offer initially. If that is indeed the case, maybe he should have said hardcore gadget buyers instead of hardcore gamers--the former description seems more likely.

"We know we have to have a wide range of experiences, from things like the animals game you saw today to... to... games that are more geared towards the core," he said. "So I would expect a wide range of products to be released this holiday."

Last week Microsoft said that Kinect was more of an attempt to reel in consumers who wouldn't normally play the Xbox 360 such as a wife, sister, grandma or the grumpy neighbor next door. Kinect would, ideally, reach out to everyone while the controller-based products fed the appetites of the hardcore player.

As it stands now, Kinect will have fifteen games available on hand at launch. These include Zumba Fitness Party (Majesco), Kinect Joy Ride (Microsoft), The Biggest Loser: Ultimate Workout (THQ), Sonic Free Riders (SEGA), and more.