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Xbox Live Gamer Helps Thwart School Shooting

The Vancouver Sun reports that a British Columbian gamer alerted police when a Texan he was playing with over Xbox Live started talking about shooting up his school.

Last Thursday, a Port Alberni, B.C. resident was playing games on XBL and chatting with a stranger from Texas. The Texan said he was a high school senior and detailed that his grades were slipping. RCMP say the teenager then said he was going to take part in a shooting at his school the next day and named several students he was targeting.

“The suspect indicated he was a senior at his high school, had failing grades and mentioned names of students he was targeting, along with plans about how the shooting would proceed,” said Port Alberni RCMP Staff Sgt. Lee Omilusik.

When the B.C. native started questioning the kid, he logged off. The Canadian contacted the RCMP, who in turn launched a cyber investigation. Through Microsoft Law Enforcement Security, investigators concluded the suspect was in San Antonio, Texas. The boy was arrested before any kind of shooting took place.

“In this case, the suspect was quickly arrested and no one was hurt thanks to the information received from a concerned citizen.”

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