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Woman Faces Trial Over Hooters Text Message

Here's a good example that freedom of speech doesn't mean you won't land in jail, even if it was in jest with a sibling.

A Smithfield City, Utah woman sent her sister a text message and now faces harassment charges and time in court. The whole ordeal revolved around her sister's new boob job, and how she could now apply for a job at Hooters.

No big deal, right?

Jennifer Willhite, the woman behind the message, said that her comments were only meant to be a joke. However sister Anna Hansen didn't think the joke about her implants was all that funny. In fact, she took offense and went straight to the local Smithfield City Police Department to file a formal complaint.

So what's the charge? Try Electronic Communications Harassment--it's a Class B misdemeanor.

Willhite's attorney--Shannon Demler--blasted the entire situation. "I think people need to get a thicker skin… there’s no crime that has been committed, we just think it’s ridiculous quite frankly," she told ABC 4 on Thursday.

A bench trial has been set for July 9. There was no indication that Willhite was banned from texting her sister, or if the sister actually landed a job at Hooters. If anything, what we learned here was that whatever you say can and will be used against you, whether its in or outside the family unit.