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Google Dumps Windows Due to China Hack?

Is Google internally kicking Microsoft's OS out the door in favor of Linux or Apple's Mac OS? That's what a report released over the holiday weekend indicates. Apparently the search engine giant may have had enough of Windows' inherent security flaws, and is blaming those flaws on the China hacking incident that took place earlier this year.

While that indeed may be possible, it's also possible that employees are switching to Linux while the company continues to polish its Linux-based open source Chrome OS. However Google employees supposedly claim otherwise. "Many people have been moved away from [Windows] PCs, mostly towards Mac OS, following the China hacking attacks," said one unnamed employee.

According to the report, new employees will be given a choice of Linux or Mac OS. Existing employees who want to remain on the Windows platform will require clearance from "senior levels." Those who want a new Windows machine will require CIO approval.

However many are said to have already switched over to Mac OS after the China hacking scare. The incident has also pushed the company to move over to Google-based products earlier than planned. "A lot of it is an effort to run things on Google product," said one employee. "They want to run things on Chrome. Before the security [issue], there was a directive by the company to try to run things on Google products. It was a long time coming."

Microsoft corporate vice president, corporate communications Frank X. Shaw caught wind of the news and mocked both the publication--Financial Times--and Google on his Twitter page. "Google bans Bing from its computers. Must credit FT. Picture on Bing home page is distracting to G engineers," he tweeted. "Google boards up all windows in its global HQ, citing security concerns. Must credit FT."

Not nice.