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HP Offers webOS Developers $150 TouchPads

HP's TouchPad fire sale might be long over, but the company obviously still has a few TouchPads kicking around the office. Engadget reports that, in an effort to keep developers sweet, the company is offering webOS developers the chance to purchase a TouchPad for the low-low price of $150.

The opportunity comes via HP's Developer Device Program, which it has started up again 'for a limited time only'. The program allows developers in the United States, Canada, and Europe to purchase up to two 32GB HP TouchPads for $150 each (or €150 each) which stocks last. Developers will have to request coupons from HP before November 18. If they want two TouchPads, they will need two coupons to avail of the offer. These coupons are only valid through to November 27 (provided HP doesn't run out of TouchPads before that date) and all sales are final; no refunds, returns or exchanges.

We're allowing ourselves to get moderately excited about what this could mean for webOS. The fate of the mobile OS has been hanging in the balance ever since HP announced its decision to discontinue it's Palm Pre and TouchPad lines of smartphones and tablets. Newly appointed CEO CEO Meg Whitman said in late October that the company would make a decision on webOS within the next couple of months. However, last week, Executive Vice President Todd Bradley said reports that the company would shut down webOS were 'unfounded rumors.'

"I think you should make of [the report of a WebOS shutdown] as an unfounded rumor," he told Bloomberg in an interview. "Our focus with WebOS is how we effectively utilize that phenomenal software and that phenomenal talent we have in that piece of our business."

If you're a webOS developer and you want your cheap TouchPad, hit up HP for the details on how to get a coupon.