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Designer Creates Steampunk Portal Gun

Back in 2010, Volpin Props' Harrison Krix designed a stunning life-sized replica Portal Gun for the Child's Play charity dinner auction. Last year, he followed up with another project to be auctioned off, the Half-Life Gravity Gun replica. As incredible as these two replicas are, it seems as though Krix isn't the only one with a knack for awesome replica gun crafting.

Designed by deviantArt user Batman-n-Bananas, this steampunk take on Valve's popular Portal game series makes us wish there was a steampunk Portal mod. As detailed as the replica seems, it pretty much follows the standard "toss everything you can find together" technique of steampunk creation.

Some of the many items used to create this Portal Gun are an antique clock, plastic tubing, pluming parts, various pots and lids, lightbulbs and many more miscellaneous things you'll likely find in your garage. Unfortunately, unlike Krix's replicas, the steampunk Portal Gun won't be auctioned off for charity. You may not be able to get your hands on this awesome piece of art, but you can certainly head on over to Batman-n-Bananas' deviantArt page for more drool-worthy photographs.