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RIAA: DRM is Dead

Is DRM finally dead? Apparently so according to Jonathan Larry, chief spokesperson for the RIAA. In a TorrentFreak report, Lamy pronounced DRM dead when he was asked for his thoughts in an upcoming article for SCMagazine. His declaration stems from iTunes and other online retailers that are now offering consumers DRM-free music to purchase and download.

"DRM is dead, isn’t it?" Lamy said.

That opinion was a different tune just two years ago, as RIAA chairman and CEO Mitch Brainwol spoke out in defense of DRM, saying that consumers would actually benefit from its use. "DRM serves all sorts of pro-consumer purposes," he originally stated.

However, as time has progressed over the last few years, consumers have demanded that music be free of the copy protection. Record labels and music services began to offer music as requested. Despite the slow change, the RIAA believed that the industry could not exist without DRM, and predicted its comeback last year.

But that prediction never materialized. Now Apple and many large online retail outlets provide DRM-free music, and the RIAA is finally admitting to defeat

What sort of "pr-consumer purposes" did Brainwol have in mind for DRM? We will never know.