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World's Largest Pumpkin Carved Into Zombie Sculpture

Every year, farmers around the world carefully harvest their crops in hopes of coming up with record breaking sizes. Of course with Halloween here now, farmers had their goals set on cultivating the world's largest pumpkin. This year, farmer Jim Bryson of Quebec won with his massive pumpkin weighing it at a whopping 1,818 pounds. Since its creation, the monstrous pumpkin has made its way to New York to be viewed in the Botanical Gardens in the Bronx.

Last week at the New York Botanical Garden, pumpkin carving master Ray Villafane transformed the monstrously large pumpkin into an equally monstrous sculpture. Inhabitat was on the scene to snap photos of the viciously intricate three-dimensional sculpture filled with zombies and demons bursting out of the gigantic pumpkin. Head on over to their article to see more photos from the carving.

Photo Credit: inhabitat