PlayStation Move Has Multiplayer Design Limitation

This week, everyone is talking about Sony's motion controller, the PlayStation Move. However, a surprising piece of information about the peripheral has emerged: multiplayer support is effectively limited to just two people.

Engadget reports that the PS3's Bluetooth module is only fit to address up to seven wireless devices at a time. Considering some games call for a second, sub-controller (similar to the nunchuk for the Wii) in addition to the Move stick, the number of people you can have in multiplayer mode is limited.

Gizmodo cites a statement from Sony which says only four controllers can connect at a time:

"Four PlayStation Move controllers can connect to a PS3 at one time (or two PlayStation Move Controllers and 2 PlayStation Move sub-controllers)."

Of course, you could decide to purchase four regular controllers and leave the sub-controllers out of the equation all together, but then you're limiting the kind of games you can play. On the bright side, the absolute maximum number of controllers you'll have to purchase is four Move sticks and two sub-controllers.

Will the fact that you can only play some games with one friend at a time affect your decision to purchase? Let us know in the comments below!

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  • sliem
    Oooh, bad "move."
    (get it?)
  • dman3k
    Playstation Dildo has a double dildo limit?

    I like to see that video!
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  • Anonymous
    I'm out of it, so this is the first time I've seen a pic of the sony motion controllers. I wonder where they found their inspiration for the design...
  • sliem
    Oooh, bad "move."
    (get it?)
  • icepick314
    still got to wonder how many people can Natal can recognize at one time....

    the amount of motion capture processing done on 360 is probably limited too....