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Intel: Our Nokia Partnership Was a Mistake

Following the announcement of their landmark partnership, Nokia and Microsoft have been acting like a pair of newlyweds and singing each other's praises. However, it seems one of the Finnish phone company’s other partners isn’t quite so pleased with the way its relationship with Nokia panned out.

Intel’s CEO Paul Otellini recently admitted that Nokia probably wasn’t the right partner for his company and said that the deal was partly to blame for the delay in its smartphone chips hitting the market.  

"In hindsight, Nokia was the wrong partner to have picked," said the Intel boss.

Speaking to investors, the Chief Executive promised that we’d see Intel-based phones from major players in the smartphone market in the first part of 2012. The company is said to be shopping around reference designs for the Meego-based phones it developed with Nokia to other manufacturers.

The company is also showing Google some love, as it demonstrated at an iPhone-like Android phone. PC World reports that the company also has reference designs for Medfield-based tablets (in 7- and 10-inch flavors).

Considering the likes of Nvidia, Samsung and ARM have already carved themselves a place in the market, Intel is quite late to the game as far as smartphones are concerned. However, the company is determined to focus on its own chips. When asked if there was a possibility Intel might produce ARM-based chips, Otellini said that though they have the license for it, it wouldn’t be in the company’s best interests because it would eat into Intel profits.

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