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Microsoft's "I'm a PC" Ads Partly Produced on Macs

According to a report in ComputerWorld, four of the images made available on Micrsoft’s PressPass site, which appear to be frames from the television ads, display the designation "Adobe Photoshop C3 Macintosh" when their file properties are examined. However, despite the fact that these appear to be still shots from the actual commercial, not all of them were generated on Macs. ComputerWorld reports that the sample print ads, which highlight the campaign’s "Life Without Walls" slogan, were produced using the Windows version of Adobe.

While the web goes nuts over who’s using which to produce what, we think this can only be good news. Microsoft is really pushing this, “Life Without Walls” idea. Just because you use a PC, that doesn’t mean you’re a stuffy guy with glasses and a suit, stuck middle management and a corner cubicle and while the “Get a Mac” campaign is a lot more, er, direct in pointing out the difference between PCs and Macs, it’s not always that far off the mark.

At times the “I’m a Mac” ads portrays PCs as boring, slow, incompatible and laborious to set up. However, at least one of the adverts starts out with the right idea. Macs are good for movies, music and pictures, PCs are good for spreadsheets and pie charts. Okay, so PCs are good for more than just spreadsheets, but mediawise, a lot of people go Apple and he fact that Microsoft is using Apple machines to (partially) produce its commercials could be really good for the campaign for two reasons.

Reason one is that it fully reinforces the concept of the company being all for “Life Without Walls.” Sure, shark divers, actors, writers, scientists, fashion designers, musicians use PCs but lots of people don’t and that’s okay. Microsoft is saying (whether it’s intentional or not is still unclear), “Lots of people do, but you don’t have to.”

That aside, it also gives Microsoft a little moral high-ground. Over the last week or so, a lot of people have labeled the “I’m a PC” campaign as the company directly hitting back at Apple but we’d be inclined to disagree. The ad points out that Apple has made PC into a stereotype, but despite the Apple commercials, it doesn’t go into the inadequacies of Macs in any way, shape or form. All Microsoft’s ads endeavor to do, is change your mind about PC.

Whether Microsoft intentionally used Macs in the production of its ads or if it was just an oversight, we like the idea that the company is big enough to admit (inadvertently or not) that maybe a PC isn’t for everyone but that that’s okay.