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Microsoft Windows Store Now Boasts 120,000 Apps

During its Windows Phone 8 announcement event in San Francisco, Microsoft confirmed that the Windows Store now features 120,000 apps.

Windows Phone Program Manager Joe Belfiore said the apps are accessible in 191 countries. Apparently, out of the 50 top smartphone applications, 46 of them are now available on the Windows Phone.

Microsoft still has a considerably long way to go if it's to catch up with competitors. Apple's iOS boasts more than 700,00 apps, while Google's Android platform features more than 675,000 on its Play store.

Belfiore said that Microsoft is doubling language support to 50 languages, accompanied by the inclusion of country localizations for apps.

On the subject of the smartphone itself, Belfiore said Windows Phone 8 is “a phone made for you – the most personal smartphone operating system you can get; the perfect companion for your Windows PC and your Xbox.” He said that each Windows Phone could become “a unique reflection of who you are, like a fingerprint”.

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