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Cell Phone Jammers Testing in Maryland Prisons

Today the Federal Correctional Institution in Cumberland, Maryland, is conducting a test to prove that cell phone jammers really can help. The Associated Press cites a governor spokesperson who says state officials are trying to show Congress how the technology can prevent inmates from using the contraband devices to commit crimes.

Prisoners using cell phones to organize crimes outside of jail is becoming a more common occurrence around the country. The AP reports that in July, corrections directors in 26 states submitted a petition to the FCC asking federal regulators' permission to jam cell phone signals inside state penitentiaries. Non-governmental radio communications fall under the jurisdiction of the FCC while NTIA has authority over federal uses of the radio spectrum.

Installing cell phone jammers in prisons is not a new idea. While it would seem like the most effective way to prevent the use of contraband cell phone among inmates, they also run the risk of blocking signals areas adjacent to the prison.

While waiting for action on their request, many prisons have been using specially trained dogs to sniff out cell phones.

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