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Kno Prices HUGE Textbook Ereader at $899

The Kno is not your usual ereader. Targeted at students, the Kno is supposed to for viewing textbooks. Though it's probably a lot less cumbersome than an armful of those heavy textbooks our backs haven't quite forgotten, at 5.5 pounds, the Kno is a little unwieldy too. Still, a dual-screen 14-inch full touch ereader is nothing to turn your nose up at, and when you throw in Nvdia's Tegra 2 chipset, 16GB of storage, and up to eight hours of battery, you've definitely got our attention. Even if it does look like this when we're using it:

Kno last night announced pricing and availability for its flagship device and it looks as though the company is making good on two promises it made when the Kno was unveiled. This past summer Kno reps said the device would be priced at "under $1,000" and that it hoped to ship the device by the end of 2010. Some of you thought that the former would mean a $999 price tag, but that's not the case. Kno has revealed that the pricing for the dual-display model, as seen above, is $899. A slightly more compact model with just one 14-inch display will cost $599. Kno says it will have a limited number of the devices available for sale by the end of the year.

So the single screen device is two hundred bucks cheaper, but still costs the same amount as a budget laptop. Would anyone ever buy it? Kno says their research shows that students love the fact that they can write in a textbook. However, the company also found that the more expensive, dual-screen model was more sought after.

"We found that 85 percent of those using the single screen wanted the dual-screen version and that those using two screens took three times more notes," said Co-founder and CEO Osman Rashid. "Students said they love the fact that they can write in the textbook itself and it appears the way it needs to be, even in digital form."

Rashid has said his company will be targeting 10 colleges in the U.S. for the first shipment and doing some very specialized marketing.

"We are going to do online and offline marketing, in a very focused approach," he said, adding they would be working with some college bookstores too.

Would you buy one? Let us know in the comments below!

Source: BoomTown, Tom's Hardware

  • joytech22
    Tegra 2? so it's also for things other than reading, and looking at the second picture looks like a web page on the left screen!

    If they threw android onto this, it'd be awesome! as long as it wasn't 1.6 like most do..
  • bustapr
    Yes Id definitely buy the singlescreen. Being able to write in the ebook itself is the most convenient thing Ive seen in an ebook. Its big and its light. Right now I have to carry around my biology and chemistry books(which are enormous), and that doesnt fare well with my back problems. Still a bit expensive though, but Id buy it anyway, and since when does a budget laptop cost $599?
  • Spike53
    If they can get textbook publishers to make ebooks for it at a reasonable price I'd seriously consider getting one. I'm already looking at $1500 a year on books so any reductions would be great.
  • hellwig
    How many schools have e-Books available for all classes? And are they at a reduced price such that a student could recoup that $899 price tag after 4-years? And what about re-selling books or used books, I know buying used and reselling books for non-core classes helped me a lot.
  • thechief73
    Seriously? For $599(you have to be complete bonkers to buy the $899 model) for something that is basically a digital book? Am I missing something here, or do you have to be unbelievably dumb to not just buy a laptop?(which a large majority of college students already have BTW) If you can make books digital way not forgo the expensive, unwieldy, and limited power of this hardware and just use the same digital books on a laptop.
  • Dirtman73
    The college textbook business is a scam. I doubt textbook publishers are willing to release reasonably-priced digital editions of their books anytime soon, I mean look at what the prices are at now? The price difference between physical and digital copies is utterly negligible.
  • Travis Beane
    eReader one side, tablet on the other. Cut down to 12" though.
    Also have it so you can detach the screens if you want to.
  • mr_tuel
    I'd buy e-texts if my textbooks were available in digital. None of them are digital, and probably won't be until well after I graduate.
  • molo9000
    a 5.5lbs e-reader?
    Gigantic fail.
  • restatement3dofted
    Teh ArticleWould you buy one?