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An iPod Dock the Size of a Dining Table

One of the best ways a company can attract people to their booth at CES is by displaying ridiculous products that are never going to be mass produced near the front of the booth. The old bait and switch. TP-Link managed to get our own Ross Lincoln to approach their booth with a big, huge, scary dancing robot. Ross was disappointed to discover this robot was not going to be available to buy, and TP-Link was more interested in talking to him about the TL-WR700N mini wireless pocket router and other non-dancing products.

Behringer was doing something similar with its iNuke Boom iPod dock. The size of a couch, this iPod dock is obviously ridiculous. However, unlike TP-Link and the scores of other companies dragging us with big, bold, insanely cool gizmos only to redirect our attention to something far more pedestrian, Behringer's iNuke Boom is an actual product. Here's the specs from Behringer's website:

  • Stereo 3-way system with total output of 10,000 Watts
  • Twin 18-inch subwoofers for gut-wrenching, pulse-pounding bass
  • Dual 12-inch neodymium woofers for articulate bass and mid-range
  • Two 1.75-inch titanium-diaphragm HF drivers can break glass
  • iNUKE mode power boost
  • Volume control goes to all the way to "11"
  • High-quality components and exceptionally rugged construction ensure long life

Of course, there's nothing mentioned regarding price, which is probably the most important detail. Still, the iNuke Boom is real, even if it is a specialty product that will probably cost you your first born.