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Energizer Touts New Zinc Air Batteries

While electronic devices have continually advanced year to year, disposable battery technology for the most part has stuck with alkaline. While there have been some high-end alternatives with lithium batteries, Energizer is touting that its Zinc Air Prismatic battery will offer OEMs greater design flexibility, while providing greater run times and enabling smaller devices.

While Energizer is saving the details of this technology for the Consumer Electronics Show in January, what we do know is that it’ll be able to offer high energy densities in a small form factor. In fact, Energizer says that its new Zinc Air Prismatic can offer up to three times more runtime compared to similarly sized alkaline or lithium ion batteries – a big leap ahead for batteries if true.

It’ll be unwise to deviate from the industry standard battery sizes, such as the AA, but we should learn more in a month’s time.