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China to Block Song Lyrics for ''Bad Words''

China is ramping up its filtering process by reviewing all song lyrics, weeding out what is deemed as "inappropriate" content for its Internet culture. In what seems like a method to control the entire music industry, the Chinese Ministry of Culture warns that starting December 31, all music posted online or sold must by approved by the Ministry before appearing at retail outlets. Daily Tech said that the Ministry also plans to remove questionable lyrics from all Chinese websites.

So how will it handle British, American, and other foreign music crossing the Chinese borders? The Ministry said that those songs must be translated into Chinese and then reviewed before hitting store shelves. Granted the overall filtering process will require a large resource of manpower and revenue, the Chinese government appears confident that the plan will work, and even said that it has already received positive responses from the industry.

"Since our measures on regulating the online music market was announced last week, we have received positive responses from many online music providers," the Ministry said.  "In order to improve efficiency, we have already adopted an innovative reviewing approach to streamline the review process."

This new filtering process for music is the latest in China's overall scheme to govern incoming content from other nations. Recently the government came under fire for "requiring" PC manufacturers to install a content filtering program on all new systems, however it ultimately backed down after receiving negative feedback. China's overall goal is to prevent the nation's youth from accessing inappropriate content outside adult supervision.