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Airline Shows Osama Flying First Class to D.C.

Right now, paperless boarding passes or electronic boarding passes are really starting to take off. For those of you who don't know, paperless boarding passes usually involve downloading your boarding pass onto your phone and just bringing up the bar code when you get to the gate. It's the more modern version of printing your boarding pass at home.

British Airways is one such airline that offers this service. However, it seems as though someone at BA was goofing around with an upcoming article detailing the service and used 'Osama Bin Laden' as the passenger name on the plane ticket. Unfortunately, no one noticed and the piece, showing Osama flying first class to Washington, was published in an airport magazine.

British Airways has said the image was a mistake and that it is investigating its source.

"A mistake has been made in this internal publication and we are working to find out how this occurred," spokeswoman Michele Kropf told ABC News.