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Best Buy Posts 3rd Gen iTouch Accessories Early

Apple is expected to announce a third generation iPod Touch at today's "it's only rock and roll" event in San Francisco. However, despite nothing being confirmed, Pocket-lint reports that Best Buy's website this morning listed several Belkin-brand accessories for the device. Among the accessories listed are grip cases and arm bands.

Pocket-lint goes on to cite a Wal-Mart employee who said the "new iPods" would be in store at the end of the month, which puts to rest rumors that technical difficulties have delayed the release of the iPods into October.

While most had no details of the new models inbound, the electronics department of Wal-Mart in Riverdale, NJ said that they were expecting the "newer" iPod touch models in at the "end of the month."

For the full story, hit up Pocket-lint.