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Android 2.4 'Ice Cream' Arriving this Summer

It feels like just yesterday that Google finally announced the launch of Gingerbread, aka Android 2.3. It was definitely just last week that the search giant showed off the first demos of Android 3.0/Honeycomb, the version of the OS made specifically for tablets. However, there was another little tidbit of Android OS news to come out of CES: A Sony Ericsson Xperia Arc was on the show floor and purporting to be running Android 2.4. Though Sony passed it off as a misconfiguration, rumor has it we will be seeing Android 2.4, aka Ice Cream this summer.

Pocket-Lint cites multiple sources familiar with the matter that say Google has Ice Cream down for a June/July release and will announce the build at its I/O conference in May. Google has said in the past that it will focus on two major Android updates per year. A June/July release paired with the January launch of Honeycomb would mean that Google will be done with the year’s major updates for Android by the end of Q2/very beginning of Q3. That seems a little bit early to us, but we’ll see.