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Samsung's New 360 Camera Priced for Masses

Despite announcing its second-generation 360 camera earlier this year, Samsung has held off on revealing the camera's pricing or availability ...until now. The Gear 360, as the new camera is called, will be available on May 25 for $229. 

The new Gear 360 has a significantly different design from the original, cue ball-shaped Gear 360 camera. With a small handle, the new Gear 360 is easier to hold; the original required a selfie stick in order for you to get a true, unencumbered 360-degree photo or video. It has dual 8.4-MP cameras that can record video at up to 4096 x 2048 at 24 frames per second. It will be able to stream 2K video to Facebook, YouTube, and other social media sites.

Additionally, the new Gear 360 will work with more than just Samsung's phones; iPhone owners will also be able to connect to the camera. However, it won't work with other manufacturers' Android phones.

Those who purchase a Galaxy S8 or an S8+ from now until June 19 will be able to purchase the Gear 360 for $49, but only while supplies last.

The Gear 360 isn't the only 360 camera making news today. Garmin just announced the Virb 360, its first 360-degree camera, which is waterproof and has much larger image sensors than the Gear 360. (Check out our hands-on with the Virb 360).

However, the Garmin camera, which costs $799, is targeted at the action/adventure junkie looking for a camera that can be taken anywhere. With its more aggressive pricing and modest specs, the Gear 360 is aimed more at everyday consumers.

We're looking forward to fully testing the Gear 360, so stay tuned.

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