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Samsung Targets Gamers With Gorgeous Curved Displays

Samsung is no stranger to producing gorgeous monitors for work and entertainment, but now the company is making a direct bid for your gaming den. The tech giant has taken the wraps off two new curved displays that leverage its quantum dot technology for gamers: the compact CFG70, and the ultra-wide, ultra-immersive CF791. Look for them later this year at $399 and $999, respectively.

The smaller, all-black CFG70 manages to look like a gaming peripheral without relying on extra-sharp angles or jarring red highlights. Its most notable feature is its a big blue LED light underneath the display, which will illuminate your equally colorful gaming peripherals while flickering in sync with whatever you're playing.

The extra lighting is a nice touch, but I was more taken aback by just how flexible the CFG70 is. The monitor rests on a unique ball-and-joint stand, which lets you pivot it side to side or flip it vertically if you want to use it to keep up with your Twitch chat. Samsung's $399 curved gaming monitor (a 27-inch model will run you $499) packs a 1080p screen with a fast 1ms response time and AMD FreeSync support, which should mean minimal lag and screen tearing for competitive players.

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Samsung's other new monitor, the CF791, is a bit of a stretch on the "gaming" side of things, but it's still a gorgeous display nonetheless. The $999 C34 offers a rich 34-inch, 3440 x 1440 ultra-wide screen, which seems more ideal for getting immersed in a new planet in No Man's Sky than, say, playing League of Legends competitively.

This more premium monitor also sports AMD FreeSync, but its 4ms response time isn't quite as speedy as that of the CFG70. The monitor's stunning silver design makes it look like an excellent living room centerpiece, whether you opt to watch movies on the display or do some multi-window multitasking. It's just an added bonus that games will probably look amazing on it.

Neat features aside, these two new monitors stand out by offering the same quantum dot technology found in Samsung's high-end televisions. Quantum dot allows screens to display highly colorful and bright images without consuming a ton of power, which should be ideal for tournaments or marathon solo sessions.

We've come to expect great-looking displays from Samsung, but we're eager to see how the company's first dedicated gaming screens stack up to offerings from the likes of BenQ, Acer and Asus. Stay tuned for our full review.