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Forget Foldable Phones: Nubia May Debut Flexible Wearable Next Month

Chinese phone maker Nubia has been making some pretty crazy cool stuff lately and it seems that it wants to keep doing just that, teasing a new flexible wearable band that may debut at Mobile World Congress in late February.

Credit: Concept rendering by Ian Nott

(Image credit: Concept rendering by Ian Nott)

Nubia’s CEO Ni Fei posted the tease on a post in the Chinese social network Baidu:

Credit: Baidu

(Image credit: Baidu)

The sneak peek shows a metallic band with a long screen and what seems to be a camera on its right side. It looks both futuristic and retro at the same time.

There are not many details about this wearable discovered by tech blog Gizmochina. In the post, Fei said that the company is taking a different approach to flexible screens than the competition

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Rather than using this technology to create foldable phones, Nubia wants to make you wear these flexible OLED screens on your wrist: “Recently, Xiaomi and Rouyu have been arguing about flexible screens. I also heard that Huawei will display flexible screen phones at this year’s MWC. Regarding the flexible screen, Nubia has different thinking.”

Fei said that they already previewed the technology at the Berlin consumer electronics fair IFA.

Credit: GizmoChina

(Image credit: GizmoChina)

The prototype showed at IFA looks quite more pedestrian than the one teased in the Baidu post, but it’s basically the same concept down to the side camera.

Fei claims that Nubia took this path after researching users’ opinions, arguing that flexible screens will be more practical if you wear them on your wrist. He finished his post saying that we will see “new species” of flexible screen products next month, at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, Spain.

  • beccalecca1959
    those look like ankle monitors, Not that I would know what a ankle monitor really looks like, just on tv. I have a feeling if they keep going in the direction they are going we will all have a ankle, wrist, monitor.